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Jaw Alignment Correction

Help for Complex Surgical Cases

Tooth Extraction Orthodontics Mona Vale

We can refer complex cases to an oral surgeon

To have a straight smile, it’s necessary to have a healthy relationship between the upper and lower jaws. When harmony exists between the jaws, it allows orthodontic treatment to align the teeth in the most optimal manner possible.

Without addressing issues with the jaw, it can make straightening teeth difficult and result in an imbalance of the bite. That’s why Dr Mun works with an oral surgeon to align the jaws to achieve:

  • Facial balance
  • Smile aesthetics
  • Function of the teeth

Alignment of the Teeth and Jaws

If he feels that oral surgery is necessary, Dr Mun will discuss these concerns with you before beginning any type of orthodontic treatment. We will then refer you to our oral surgeon, who performs procedures at one of the local hospitals.

Benefits of Surgical Treatments

Correcting jaw alignments can provide our patients with optimal results, less trauma to the jaw joint (TMJ) and prevent concerns like abnormal tooth wear.

For more information on our complex surgery cases, contact us today to schedule a consultation at our Mona Vale office.


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