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Tooth-coloured Ceramic Braces in Mona Vale

Mona Vale Cosmetic Orthodontics

Ceramic Braces Mona Vale

Ceramic braces are a more discrete alternative to traditional braces.

Ceramic braces are nearly identical to traditional braces except the bracket is made of tooth-coloured ceramic instead of metal. They look better and blend in with the shade of your natural smile.

With ceramic braces, our orthodontic specialist Dr Mun Jong is able to discreetly correct your tooth alignment when options such as Incognito™ Hidden Braces or Invisalign® aren’t appropriate. It may be that a more traditional type of treatment is necessary for particular concerns, such as when additional attachments and springs are needed.

Aesthetic and Affordable

For patients who do not need to wear braces for long (such as only 6 to 12 months), ceramic brackets are an excellent economical choice when weighing the options of other aesthetic types of treatment.

Beautiful Results

If you’ve been putting a straighter smile off because you didn’t want to wear metal appliances, our ceramic option may be your best choice.

No Insurance? No Problem!

While some insurance plans include a rebate for orthodontic treatment, many do not. That’s why we work to create flexible payment options for our patients. We offer conveniences such as 0% interest financing, fow monthly payments, $0 deposit and flexible Denticare payment options.

Are ceramic the best option for you or your teenager? Contact MV Ortho today to schedule a no-hassle consultation with our orthodontic specialist.



Ceramic Braces in Mona Vale

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